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A range of automated and streamlined solutions for the equestrian world. 
These will help you spare precious time so you can invest it back over value generating tasks.


Sweeping Bot

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Harrow Bot

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Yes, it's finally here!

Horse riding sand arena's harrowing now automated

Our goal is simple: automate and streamline time consuming tasks in equestrian facilities. 

To do so, Equestrian Technology develops a series of solutions that will help you spare precious time so you can invest it back over value generating tasks. 

Our first product is a robot to harrow equestrian facilities' riding arenas
Horse riding sand arenas can made of different types of sands. Equestrian Harrow Bot adapts to all types of sand arena, indoor and outdoor, is 100% autonomous, 100% electric and 100% safe. 

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Equestrian Harrow Bot  available in BE, FR, DE, NL

Equestrian Harrow Bot is now available in its final version!
Discover the power of our revolutionary robot for sand arena



HarrowBot winner of SPOGA Innovation Awards 2023

We are so proud to be named winner of  SPOGA Innovation Awards 2023.
SPOGA Horse is a leading B2B equestrian fair taking place every year in Köln, Germany. It also highlights a series of equestrian innovations through a contest in 3 steps: application, top 30, top 5. 

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Stop looking: the solution is right here. 

Be done with manual sweeping techniques 

Cleaning your sand arena's edges might be a tricky & time-consuming recurrent task.
Sweeping hay, straw and mud away from your internal yard or indoor stables hallways also takes time and energy. 

Not anymore! Discover our Equestrian Sweeping Bot


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