Equestrian Sweeping Bot

Quick & efficient

100% Electric

Made for equestrian facilities

Warranty extension 

100%  electric engine

Sweeping Bot is 100% powered by a powerful electric engine.

The engine and electronical devices are developed to resist enery-intensive operations like sand removing with a long lifetime  

Moreover the engine is soundless and the battery can hold up to 2.5 hours of continuous operations. 

All-around operations

Compared to other sweeping machines, Sweeping Bot is developed to operate in several  environments : sand, wet, muddy, sinuous surfaces as well as dry or wet flat surfaces.

Accurate surface treatment

The brush's height can be adjusted to compensate surface's variations. It is also possible to adjust the inclinaison angle in order to reach more complex edges. 


Potential brush replacement*

If by the of your warranty period, your Sweeping Bot's brush is too damaged and not efficient enough anymore, we'll replace it for you.

Yearly maintenance*

Every year we perform a full maintenance of your Equestrian Sweeping Bot: dismantlement and cleaning of the entire machine as well as replacement of attrition parts if any. 

Replacement in case of breakdown*

Over the warranty period, if your Equestrian Sweeping Bot breaks down for any unexpected reason, we'll replace it for you. 

 *requires warranty extension package

How to get your Equestrian Sweeping Bot? 

Book a demo

Let us show you how handy Sweeping Bot can be

Order & deposit

If you like it, you can order one by granting us a deposit and traditional paperwork


Your Equestrian Sweeping Bot is delivered 2-3 weeks later. A final invoice is issued

Book a demo

If you'd like to order an Equestrian Sweeping Bot without any demo please submit this form and mention it clearly in the message section.